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Centralized Benefit Management

With Omniprise Benefits Management, companies can maintain their employee records enhanced with advanced filtering capabilities including Employee Class, Location, Division, Department and Employee Groups. Employee’s address, dependents, emergency contacts and notifications are all tracked and maintained to be used in conjunction to manage your employee’s benefits. A simplified benefit administration section within each employee record allows HR staff to manage benefits, adding, updating or removing them as needed throughout the year for the employee.

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Flexible Benefit Enrollment Options

Don’t be held back by your current system’s antiquated capabilities. Omniprise Benefit Managements Open Enrollment options provide complete flexibility to put you in charge of your open enrollment. Options are Employee login only, combination employee login/call center, Call Center only, combination agent/employee face to face and HR benefit population.

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Affordable Options

With a 2 year contract, half the setup costs and 2 EDI builds/ setups for free. With a 3 year contract, all setup costs are waived and 4 EDI builds/setups for free. Setup fees begin at $2500.

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per employee
(up to 1,000 employees)


per employee
(over 1,000 employees)

Small Business

per month
(under 275 employees)

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